Vivatmo Pro

Vivatmo Pro

Vivatmo Pro

Vivatmo pro was specially developed for professional use in doctors’ practices and clinics. Thanks to its simple measuring procedure and intuitive use, it can be smoothly integrated into the workflow of professional practices. Both physicians and patients benefit from the more efficient patient care.

These features make Vivatmo pro a unique solution:
Compact and mobile measuring unit, maintenance-free, cordless, and easy to use.

The benefits of Vivatmo pro

  • Easy measurement thanks to intuitive user guidance and visual animation.
  • Results are available immediately following the measurement.
  • Flexibility of use thanks to cordless and mobile handheld with inductive charging.
  • Optimum and direct integration into practice workflows and clinic IT environment.

What are the advantages of FeNO measurement?

Using the FeNO value, you can detect allergic inflammation of the respiratory tract in your patients and closely monitor the progression of the inflammation, also during therapy. National and international guidelines recommend FeNO measurements for diagnosis, therapy management, and monitoring of asthma patients.1,2,3 Increased FeNO values indicate a worsening of the course of the disease even before a conspicuous pulmonary function test result and therefore allow early therapeutic countermeasures to be taken.4

Qualities that make Vivatmo so unique.

A new dimension in the treatment of airway inflammation
Easy and intuitive usage

  • A flute-shaped mouthpiece enables ergonomically designed lip closure
  • Exhalation with slight counter-pressure to close the velum

Innovative sensor technology

  • Sensor technology measures NO₂ with high specificity and sensitivity
  • Smart algorithm based translation and correction of measured NO values in parts per billion (ppb)

Sophisticated Mouthpiece

  • Protection against cross-contamination, removal of inhibiting respiratory gas elements and sample dehumidification
  • Reliable conversion of NO

With Vivatmo, Bosch Healthcare Solutions is now bringing recognized breath gas analysis from the physician’s office straight into patients’ homes. The Vivatmo system creates the prerequisites for the best possible support with diagnosis, as well as therapy and follow-up monitoring. With products and services that are “Invented for life”, we create solutions that significantly improve people’s quality of life. We build our products and services exclusively and consistently on the core competencies of the Bosch Group. These include sensor and microsystem technology, miniaturization, smart networking and algorithms, and the manufacturing of high- precision, complex products. This is Bosch quality, developed and made in Germany.

Sample preparation with Vivatmo

More confidence in coping with asthma

Regular FeNO measurements give you a better understanding of the progression of your disease. In this way you gain more confidence in managing your illness.

Optimized therapy management

FeNO measurement helps you to optimally adjust your therapy to your current state of health on the advice of your doctor, ensuring you only take as much medicine as you actually need.

The Vivatmo oxycap

The Vivatmo oxycap is not only a disposable mouthpiece; it is also used for sample preparation. Several different chemical layers in the mouthpiece filter the exhaled breath in multiple ways and thus prepare it for FeNO measurement. This is what makes the mouthpiece so unique and why it is so important to use a new one for each measurement.